Novatel Systems Services

Novatel Systems is a software company which provides products and services to telecom carriers to help them get the best out of their interconnect business. Our Control Centre suite of products assists carriers.

Our main product is called the Novatel Control Centre suite and consists of the following modules; Planner – For ultimate dial-code based routing Switch – For saving LCR Plan to your switch Money – For seeing your revenue and costs Billing – For invoicing and credit control Sales – For managing customer offers StatPak – For monitoring network performance Alerts – For real-time warnings Reports – For BI reporting and data analysis. For more go to our Control Centre help page.

Our products provide

Monitoring traffic volumes and quality (ASR, ACD, etc) via destination, carrier and trunk

Trunk bandwidth utilization

Drill-down capability to individual phone calls

Excellent fault diagnosis

Dispute resolution and revenue assurance